Online Clinic Management Software – DoctorEase

A complete, all-in-one system for clinic management. Supporting all functions from reception, examination room, prescription, inventory, to cashier.

Types of clinics we support

Beauty Clinic

Dental Clinic

Medical Clinic

General Practice Clinic

Psychiatric Clinic

Eye Clinic

Specialized Clinic

Physical Therapy Clinic

Thai-Chinese Traditional Medicine Clinic

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

Medicine Clinic

Mother and Child Clinic

Lab Clinic

Medical Facility

Beauty parlor

Wellness and Anti-aging Clinic

Nursing Home

ENT Clinic

All-in-One, Complete functions

Tools to provide excellent service experience

Tools designed specially for physicians

Help retain customers and increase clinic's revenue

The staff can input any way she prefers. Keyboard input or writing on the iPad using the Apple Pencil, which provides smooth, true paper-like experience.

Any form you use is readily available

The only system that comes with native iPad app, making use of the convenient Apple Pencil. 5 times faster than writing on the web page.

* Compared with the delay of input lag on web browser.

The system provides customer services through LINE channels.

It automatically reminds customers of appointments.

Customers confirm or modify the appointment schedule via Line application.

Furthermore, it provides a reminder of the doctor duty schedules.

Get notified promotions and deals.

Special! Queue notification function via LINE application that customers no longer have to wait in line, making a greater impression on customers.

“I have to write the chart as previously but instead of writing on the paper,

I would write on iPad

Searching for histories or X-ray films could be achievedwith a program responding to a lot of my needs.

Soraphon Chattawan

The dentist of Rewadee RDC-Dentist.

Supporting Users


Welcome new patients and rapidly make an appointment

Record vital signs

Perform queuing at the room front

Create an appointment calendar

Automatically notify the customers through LINE


OPD Card is displayed upon the patients entering the examination room

Conveniently view the medical records as easily as on paper

Documenting diagnostic results by keyboard and Apple Pencil (unique)

Modern true paperless with the highest security


Completely record service, drug, procedure, and other fees

Capable of issuing prescription medicine with the stock system

Print both the concise and full receipt/tax invoice

Payment by cash, credit card, transfer, and social security is available


Manage the clinic from anywhere, at any time, by any device

Real-time access to the data with high security

Completely view the business report on the dashboard, e.g., income, outstanding amount, hot product, etc.

Efficiently view customer data and perform marketing

Why DoctorEase?

With over 5 years of experience in providing medical records systems and IT solutions to hospitals,

you can be assured that ATIZ INNOVATION COMPANY LIMITED is a professional operator in this field. We understand and specialize in serving healthcare businesses. The customer data shall be kept secure and protected with the highest standards of information security, as well as complied with the regulations stipulated by the law such as Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019), etc.

* The solution that our company provides services to many leading hospitals and clinics such as BabyTag Infant Protection,Smart Crib, TempTag.

** Our service has been recognized by National Innovation and International Award such as the International CES Innovation Award., the Winner of National Innovation Awards for Economic.

We shall provide you the excellent after-sales service for keeping our customers satisfied all the time using our services,

including organizing training sessions on how to use our different systems, supporting customers in various channels promptly by phone, onsite service, and 24-hour online customer service.

In addition, we always strive to develop our systems to meet the new requirements of our customer's businesses.

Service mind is our corporate culture

All of our teams are ready to serve our customers with beaming smile

We pay attention to every detail of the work and cooperate closely with customers to meet the customer needs to the maximum extent as we are an integral department of the customer.

Detailed Function List

Appointment System

  • Appointment time calendar
  • Fixed-physician appointment Reservation and advance appointment
  • Advance appointment notification
  • Appointment alert via LINE
  • Customer makes on-line booking in person throughout 24 hours

Room Front Queuing

  • Display customer's arrival, examination, completion
  • Display customer's waiting time statistic
  • Refer the patients between examination rooms

Medical Record, OPD Card

  • Electronic medical record file
  • Support former document import
  • Support acquisition of image from the medical instrument
  • Comparison of multiple Images at the same time
  • Support OPD and IPD
  • Patient profile registration
  • Support ID card reader

Stock System

  • Support multi-branch clinic
  • Support centralized stock

Prescription System

  • Support prescription, procedure, Lab, and other fees
  • Capable of printing drug label
  • Display historical prescription

Payment System

  • Capable of printing brief/full receipt/tax invoice
  • Capable of placing clinic’s logo and name
  • Support installment payment
  • Support payment by cash, credit card, bank transfer, and social security
  • Charge doctor fee

Financial and Customer Report System

  • Display daily summary report of clinic’s income and cash
  • Display income received from the various payment channels
  • Summarize doctor expense
  • Summary hot products and services
  • Summarize outstanding payments

Part of customers who choose us

System Service Fee





• Medical record

• Appointment system

• Stock

• Prescription

• Payment




• Medical record

• Appointment system

• Stock

• Prescription

• Payment

• Remote Support


Contact the sales


• Medical record

• Appointment system

• Stock

• Prescription

• Payment

• Remote Support

• On-site Support

Maximum users 10 people 20 people Unlimited
Patient management system
Medical record system
Support ID card reader
Stock system
Payment system with clinic’s logo-embedded receipt
Income report
Summary of physician and staff expenses
Established own course and package
iPad Application
Storage capacity 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Maximum pages (approximate) 50,000 pages 100,000 pages 200,000 pages
Phone assistance
On-screen clinic’s logo A supplementary package is available
Automatic notification to the customer via LINE
Queue notification function via LINE application
Automatic backup data on the cloud
Remote assistance
On-site assistance A supplementary package is available

* Data import service fee of 5,000 Baht (only first time)