User Manual

  • 1. How to convert PDF files to JPG using PDFCreator
  • 2. How to add treatment values in DoctorEase system
  • 3. How to delete bills and add backdated bills
  • 4. How to add courses
  • 5. How to add stock
  • 6. How to use courses
  • 7. How to reset passwords
  • 8. How to add and purchase point items
  • 9. How to use courses
  • 10. How to bind df values
  • 11. How to give df/commission values retrospectively
  • 12. Adding backdated bills
  • 13. How to use points for cash payments
  • 14. How to use stock functions
  • 15. How to print retroactive receipts
  • 16. How to set up botox itemized courses
  • 17. How to make payments for customers who make deposits
  • 18. How to renew courses
  • 19. B&A - Editing past dates
  • 20. How to forward between examination rooms
  • 21. How to add documents to patient files
  • Watch other video clips

How can I be sure that customer data is secure?

Ethis Company provides medical registration system services to several leading hospitals in Thailand, offering 24-hour care every day since the year 2017. We adhere to strict security standards for hospitals, placing great importance on protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of user data.

Exclusive to DoctorEase, we utilize private cloud systems for each clinic (not shared clouds like other providers). This ensures that data from each clinic cannot leak, be breached, or be mixed with others. Although it's a more costly method, it's safer and more reassuring.

Regular data backup is performed to ensure that customer data is never lost. Customers own their data and can export and save it to their own computers at any time in Excel (.CSV) or Google Sheets format.

If there is an error in the program while it is running, how is the problem resolved?

Customers can contact our IT support team via mobile phone: 065-687-6620 or through a private group chat room specifically created for each customer. Our team is available inside that room.

  • In case of emergencies that cause the system to be inoperable, you can report the issue every day, 24 hours a day.
  • For general inquiries and development updates please call 065-687-6620, 02-683-6600 ext. 14, Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, excluding official holidays.
  • Why do customers feel more secure with us?

    1. We use Cloud systems with real-time data backup.

    2. We have permission-setting systems and access restrictions for viewing and editing data for different user types.

    3. Every step of the modification process is logged and recorded in real-time.

    4. Whenever a patient history file is displayed on the screen, it contains a watermark indicating the username, IP address, and date and time of access to prevent unauthorized screen captures and distribution.

    Is the data stored on the Clinic's Cloud or Harddisk?

    We store data using an online program on private Clouds for each clinic separately, with no mixing. This standardization is provided to multiple hospitals by us.

    However, we manage the system and various data backups for customers.

    Is there any installation required? What devices are needed?

    No installation required. DoctorEase Clinic software is a Cloud-based Web system accessible from any device with a Browser program such as Chrome, Safari, including phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, Windows computers, and Macs.

    Apart from using the application via iPad, can it be used on mobile phones?

    It can be used on any device with a Browser, including mobile phones. However, if you need the pen input function, we recommend using an iPad.

    Details of functions: Can the program calculate doctor's fees and employee percentages?

    The program can predefine doctor's fees and employee percentages in advance or allow counter printing directly.

    How secure is the program?

    It is highly secure. It's a Cloud-based system where each customer's data is stored on separate servers with no data sharing. Customers can trust it.

    How detailed is the inventory management system? Are there notifications for low or expired stock? Are there reports to view daily details?

    There are notifications for low stock, and you can set minimum thresholds for notifications. We can view reports through the website.

    Can customers confirm or cancel notifications through LINE, and does the system update the status immediately?

    Customers can confirm or cancel appointments through LINE, and the system updates the status immediately.

    How easy or difficult is it to transfer data from the old system? Is there a team to assist with this?

    It's possible if you can export the old database to an Excel file or have the old database file. You can consult our technical team for assistance in this matter.

    After-sales support: If the program has problems, will they be fixed immediately?

    Yes, immediately, because we have a support team available to fix issues and provide program usage consultations.

    Can I purchase the program outright without monthly fees?

    If you're interested, you can contact our sales department directly.

    Can the system be tested before use?

    You can contact our sales department. They will provide basic usage training and a trial before purchase.